Category: Technology

  • ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 1.6GHz Dual-Core Mini ITX Intel Motherboard

    I was looking for a fast small (read: mini-ITX) mobo that had enough power to drive 1080P monitor/panel and I came across Zotac IonITX-A-U board. According to manufacturer’s website: The mini-ITX form factor ZOTAC® ION combines a high-performance NVIDIA® ION graphics processor with a power-efficient Intel® Atom processor for the ultimate eco-friendly platform that has […]

  • Moblin OS rocks…..

    Heard of Moblin yet….Intel’s foray into designing a Linux distro. Moblin is an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems. I came across the promo video below and I have to say I’m impressed. I’m downloading […]

  • Recuva: Free Recovery software for Windows….

    Lost a couple of files today by mistake (that’s what I get for using Synergy keyboard/mouse sharing application to run in windows)…..anyways, after a bit of googling I came across a very nice and simple recovery tool….Recuva. This one even recovers stuff that’s been deleted from the Recycle Bin (which was my case/mistake). Nice….and did […]

  • Another mind blowing art installation……

    So what happens when an artist combines a 3D gaming engine, the power of blender and processing and a dash of human powered mechanical abomination? :-) Bince McKelvie describes his project: Lb to Sf via bike is an interactive installation/game that documents a bike trip my friend and I took from long beach to san […]

  • Augmented Reality Magic…..or simply MAGIC!!!

    Came across this video today and my first thought was…..magic??….Hmmm…..gotta be a video editing trickbut once I watched it for the fourth time it slowly started to click. This is by far the most innovative use of AR I’ve seen…..It’s fascinating…..It’s Magic :-). Watch Marco Tempest do his thing in this video….be warned though…you might have to […]

  • For all your project management needs……

    Hot on the heels of cometdocs and it’s free document conversion webservice comes Gantter. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Project, you’ll feel right at home here. You can think of it as a web-based Microsoft Project. It helps you to: Plan and estimate your project (duration, work, cost) by splitting the project into a number […]

  • Cometdocs: Free Online File Converter……

    Well just came back from NAB’09 in Vegas. NAB was a bit thinly attended this year (I hear ~85,0000 people, as opposed to close to 200,000 in previous years). Had lots of time to browse the entire show floor. Lots of neat little booths and an entire section for experimental media in North Hall which […]

  • Home Computer of 2004?

    Well, I guess we all better thank Steve Wozniak…..I wonder what their idea of a portable computer would have looked like? I wonder what the steering wheel is for? The MOUSE?

  • JetBytes: On-the-fly file transfer……

    Neat idea…..You all know about sites where you can upload a large file, for your friends to download. It’s simple, but what if you don’t want to store the file somewhere. It suddenly gets a bit harder, right. Now you need to bring up that FTP/SSH server, create userid’s, open firewall, forward ports, etc. You […]

  • New carpentry tool….Wiimote!!!

    Are you missing a spirit level? Pulling out your hair because you can’t remember where you left the damn thing? Well, install the Leveltool on your Wii’s homebrew channel, grab your wiimote and get to work. Leveltool program uses your wiimote’s internal tilt sensors to simulate a spirit level on your TV.