Home Computer of 2004?

Well, I guess we all better thank Steve Wozniak…..I wonder what their idea of a portable computer would have looked like? I wonder what the steering wheel is for? The MOUSE?


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  1. This is actually a photoshop job. If you look closely at the photo you can see it is cut and pasted. Even in the 1950s real computers did not look so non-sensical. (EG: There’s no reason for a ships wheel to be there, other than to make this photo look absurd.)

  2. yeah, I recognized the ship parts when I saw the photo for the first time. The piece is from a small sub museum Ive been to if I recall correctly.

  3. The panels are from the engineroom of a 688 class submarine.

    The wheels are actually the ahead and astern throttle controls. The reactor plant is controlled from the panel in the middle and the electric plant from the panel on the far right.

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