Windows 7….Bad for your Health

Funny, Microsoft, Windows
....Atleast if you're in Japan. Take a look at this freaking patties stacked up in between two time to celebrate Windows 7 launch. You'll pay (roughly) $17.10 for the pleasure of clogging your arteries with this 5.1 inch tall monster. Once you're done -- if you're still alive -- you'll finally understand how your computer feels after a windows installation :-).
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Chroma-key Genitals…..Next stop, DigiPorn¬©

"Augmented Reality", Funny, Technology
Everyone who's lived on this earth for the past 10 years or so should have heard of Peter Jackson. You know, the Director of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Well, Mr. Jackson's Effects house, Weta Workshop is at it again. This time pushing the envelope of what you can do with Digital Genitals. YEP, you heard right, green-screen naughty bits for indie-film maker Joe Swanberg. Gotta love technology.Birthday Suit from Jason Lewis
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