Category: Technology

  • Eyebeam OpenLab

    Stumbled across this earlier today and did not get a chance to make a note of it. From the overview portion of the page: “The Eyebeam OpenLab is a home for artists, engineers and hackers pioneering open source creativity. The first initiative of its kind, the lab is focused entirely on incubating experimental technologies and […]

  • Complete 3D Chipset Specs

    Wow, very cool page that contains basically every graphics chipset specs known to man. Definetly worth bookmarking and visiting when you just have to find that chipset detail you’re looking for. Nice work :-). If you browse to the top level you’ll find even more detailed tables of everything from processor charts to socket charts […]

  • Nostalgia…

    Yeah, I like history, and I think you can learn a thing or two from it. In this case we’re talking about google (and I guess all search engines before and after). Just have a look at this ad for the “Answer Machine” from 1964. Published in Childcraft Vol. 6: How things change by Field […]

  • How does the mouse pointer work…

    Yeah, you heard right, I’m gonna show you how the mouse pointer on your computer really works. To do this we have to zoom in a portion of the screen. When you move to the next page, move the mouse to the centre of your screen and have a look. Also try clicking your mouse […]