JetBytes: On-the-fly file transfer……

Neat idea…..You all know about sites where you can upload a large file, for your friends to download. It’s simple, but what if you don’t want to store the file somewhere. It suddenly gets a bit harder, right. Now you need to bring up that FTP/SSH server, create userid’s, open firewall, forward ports, etc. You get the idea.

Well, that’s were Jetbytes fits in. It’s a simple on-the-fly file transfer web service. You go to their website, choose the file you want to pass on to your friend. The site prints out a temporary/random URL, you send your friend the URL and as long as you stay on the page, they can download the file by simply clicking on the URL.

JetBytes does nothing more than route the file through their web server, allowing you to share large files easily with others even if one or both of you are behind firewalls. There is no restriction on the size or type of the files. Oh and did I mention, JetBytes is a free service.


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  1. is another good alternative that does the same thing.

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