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  • TechPosters: Technical Posters and Cheat Sheets for the NERD in you…..

    Title says it all…..head over to TechPosters (kinda slow right now) and snag your favourite cheat sheet/reference card. There are also more of this kinda stuff over at as well.

  • Recuva: Free Recovery software for Windows….

    Lost a couple of files today by mistake (that’s what I get for using Synergy keyboard/mouse sharing application to run in windows)…..anyways, after a bit of googling I came across a very nice and simple recovery tool….Recuva. This one even recovers stuff that’s been deleted from the Recycle Bin (which was my case/mistake). Nice….and did […]

  • JetBytes: On-the-fly file transfer……

    Neat idea…..You all know about sites where you can upload a large file, for your friends to download. It’s simple, but what if you don’t want to store the file somewhere. It suddenly gets a bit harder, right. Now you need to bring up that FTP/SSH server, create userid’s, open firewall, forward ports, etc. You […]

  • RevoLabs makes Microphones cool again….

    A friend passed this on today (thanks Jeremy). If you use a mic in your day to day businness (or even if you’re an occasional ichat/skype user, you should check this out. RevoLabs have introduced a new line of Wireless microphones that come with RF-Armor. What does that mean, well the next time your GSM […]

  • Computer History Museum on YouTube

    If you like to see some of the most prolific Engineers and Scientists of our time talk about how we got to where we are in computers, head over to the Computer History Museum Channel on You Tube. Oh, and if you’re ever in Northern California somewhere, take a side trip to Mountain View and visit the […]

  • OSX Webmaster special: Shared webserver, bad umask settings, group permissions and filenames with spaces…

    Okay so this all started with our users not being able to share files on our webserver. We use SSH only for upload/download and interactive access (ie: no ftp). Through trial and error we found out that the default umask (under OSX Server) for sftp uploaded files are 0033 (ie: rwxr–r–) and directories are 0022 […]

  • SONET and Telecomm buzzwords explained….

    So this is just a short tutorial, so I don’t have to repeat this to every person who asks about the difference between T and E circuits. Here is the whole thing (more or less), (hopefully) once and for all. It all starts with the Nyquist’s Theorem and Pulse Code Modulation. PCM is the way […]

  • Make your browser faster (safer) with OpenDNS

    Okay, so this worked for me. I don’t promise that it will do the same for you. Let me explain, my ISP (who shall remain nameless) is very good (good uptime, unlimited, good throughput), but for some reason has horrible DNS servers. I normally try not to use their servers and instead use either my […]

  • Computer Monitor Calibration….online!!!

    I came across these two sites last friday while trying to setup a projector. If you’re stuck in the field and need to get a monitor/projector calibrated fairly quick these two sites are for you. First is which has been around for a while. It’s simple and works well for setting up your devices […]

  • Google Earth does the Skies….

    Google has just announced google earth 4.2 and new to this version is the Skies. Several Sky layers are listed on the left-hand side, including Constellations, Backyard Astronomy, Hubble Showcase, The Moon, The Planets, User’s Guide to Galaxies and Life of a Star. The Sky layers are composed of over 1 million photographs from various […]