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  • Couple of cool remote ssh commands for your UNIX arsenal

    Here is a easy way to copy an entire directory tree from one Unix machine to another, while retaining the permisssions and ownership, using ssh as the middle man. Assuming that you want to copy everything under source_directory to destination_directory on another machine here is the command you would issue on the source machine (first […]

  • More Physical Computing Goodies….

    If this is boring you it is not my fault….Here are some more Goodies :-) Abstractmachine is a very cool site owned by Douglas Stanley. Lots of Processing…YUMM :-) and the sister site Adafruit Industries are THE place to hang out if you enjoy hacking/creating things. Limor has some of the coolest interfaces and […]

  • Tons of Controllers, Sensors and Physical Computing stuff

    Okay this is more for me since I keep having to digg this stuff up…..but if any of it is useful to you please help yourself: Tom Igoe’s Resource page has a lot of good links I won’t duplicate. Arduino, the current king of all prototyping platforms. Gumstix, these guys make some of the best […]

  • Wii Controller Hacking all grown up…..

    Well after watching this piece of art by Daito Manabe, I’m now convinced that the Wii controller can be used as a instrument. This guy is incredible and truly shows what’s possible if you get your creative juices running wild.And to keep things interesting here are some links for you to explore: Some external objects […]