Wii Controller Hacking all grown up…..

Well after watching this piece of art by Daito Manabe, I’m now convinced that the Wii controller can be used as a instrument. This guy is incredible and truly shows what’s possible if you get your creative juices running wild.

And to keep things interesting here are some links for you to explore:

If you still don’t belive me have a look at this….


3 responses to “Wii Controller Hacking all grown up…..”

  1. the music kinda sounds like the back-ground music to Zelda

  2. The Wii Controler has to be the most inovative, useful video game controler invented. BTW, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. Would you like to swap links? Here is my blog address: http://www.zacharybuckler.wordpress.com.

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