More Physical Computing Goodies….

If this is boring you it is not my fault….Here are some more Goodies :-)

  • Abstractmachine is a very cool site owned by Douglas Stanley. Lots of Processing…YUMM :-)
  • and the sister site Adafruit Industries are THE place to hang out if you enjoy hacking/creating things. Limor has some of the coolest interfaces and electronic gizmos on the net. For those of you who are lost and are having a deja vu moment….Yes she’s the creator of x0xb0x, MintyMP3 and MIDISense (among others).
  • Scrapyard Challenge keeps track of the scrapyard challenge events that happen all year round, all around the world. That said, I think someone should do one in Toronto (I know they had one in Montreal).
  • Face Recognition Homepage is a great place to find everything you ever wanted to know about Face Recognition. Lots Algorithms, Papers and Source Code.

More to come later….

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10 responses to “More Physical Computing Goodies….”

  1. you really work hard on this, where do you find the time to keep it up to date?

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  3. Death, yeah that’s me and yep you are welcome to use it for your blog as well…..have fun

  4. Teresa, To be honest most of my work involves looking for these sites (which is cool). I figured instead of posting the stories/links to a select few at work through Email, that I would actually create a (b)log out of it. I pretty much work/search from 9:00 to 23:00 everyday, looking for content.

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