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  • NAB2014 Report

    DEKTEC: DekTec introduced the DTA-2180 low profile PCIe H.264 encoder. The DTA-2180 is a low latency — 150 to 600 ms — H.264 hardware encoder based on the Magnum chipset. It supports MPEG-2 and H.264 and up to 16 channels of audio. Audio can be encoded as AC-3, AAC or MPEG-1 Layer 2. The DTA-2180 offers a […]

  • What Internet search would have looked like when IBM System 360 ruled the world

    Google60 is Norbert Landsteiner’s art piece that tries to convey what search would have looked like back in the 60’s — when IBM System 360 monsters ruled the machine rooms. An absolute gem for all the 360 nerds left out there.

  • Absolutely Insane Home Automation system…….

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything geekier than this…..I absolutely love it. A Star Trek fan who’s — obviously — very good with wiring, electronics and programming has created this LCARS type controller to control just about everything in his house. Have a peek at the video below to get a better idea at what […]

  • Happy 2nd Birthday N.E.R.D.logger…..

    This week marks N.E.R.D.logger’s 2nd birthday — and we couldn’t be happier about that. It has been a great year for N.E.R.D. with lots of encouraging feedback. We launched on the 24th May 2007 and have seen the site grow, and grow, and grow… Not only in terms of features but members/subscribers aswell. A big […]

  • Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect

    A lot of people seem to be running into weird network problems with Vista (MS’s latest abortion). The symptoms might include: – Windows messenger issues (disconnects, slowness)– Large network file copies get interrupted or are slowwwww– Network file transfers that seem to hang for no reason– Network ghosts turning on/off the network subsystem– Routers having […]

  • These guys know how to have fun…..

    I have to admit, once I finished reading the article I just about fell of my chair laughing. Not at the idea/concept, but at the shear ingenuity/nerd factor of this project. You see the N.E.R.D.s down at Purdue University are planning to literally build the largest Big Ten supercomputer that is not part of a […]

  • Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote

    Great tutorial video by Johnny Lee from Carnegie Mellon University showing how using an IR LED array and some reflective tape, you can track fingers in thin air using the Wii Remote. Great alternative to those FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) tables.

  • Eyebeam OpenLab

    Stumbled across this earlier today and did not get a chance to make a note of it. From the overview portion of the page: “The Eyebeam OpenLab is a home for artists, engineers and hackers pioneering open source creativity. The first initiative of its kind, the lab is focused entirely on incubating experimental technologies and […]

  • How does the mouse pointer work…

    Yeah, you heard right, I’m gonna show you how the mouse pointer on your computer really works. To do this we have to zoom in a portion of the screen. When you move to the next page, move the mouse to the centre of your screen and have a look. Also try clicking your mouse […]