Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect

A lot of people seem to be running into weird network problems with Vista (MS’s latest abortion). The symptoms might include:

– Windows messenger issues (disconnects, slowness)
– Large network file copies get interrupted or are slowwwww
– Network file transfers that seem to hang for no reason
– Network ghosts turning on/off the network subsystem
– Routers having issues that lead to router reboot
– Outlook having synchronization issues

A possible solution is turning off auto-tuning. You see Vista being Vista, wants to always be in control, even when it gets on the network with others. MS has built a new feature into it’s network stack that allows Vista to auto-tune the size of the send/receive windows…..why would you want to do this by default when half the worlds firewalls discard non-standard packet sizes is a mystery (apparently only known to MS ppl). So guess what happens when the firewall downstream of you decides that your packets are “non-standard”……it drops them, along with your connection. So how do you fix this, simple, you do what MS should have done before they shipped you the abortion called Vista, you disable it. Here is how:

1) Get a command prompt in administrator mode. To do this go to Start/All Programs/Accessories and RIGHT CLICK on command prompt’s icon and choose “Run as Administrator”. On the next prompt press “Continue”.
2) Make sure the Title of the newly opened command prompt window says “Administrator: Command Prompt”, if not go back to 1).
3) Now type the following into the command prompt window. This will disable autotuning.
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
4) You should get a OK. in the command prompt window. REBOOT NOW.
5) If you need to turn it back on (why?) do the 1) and 2) and issue the following command
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
To check the status of this dumb setting (before or after you change it) do 1) and 2) and type the following command
netsh int tcp show global
Of course you could always reboot, format and install Linux and save your sanity and time :-)

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2 responses to “Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect”

  1. Sure I can always install linux, but now I'm at work. In my house I´m a happy ubuntu user.

  2. Thanks for the tip! It's looking good so far; it's been a entire hour with no disconnects.

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