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  • @Google: I’m Canadian and I want my Google TV NOW!!!!

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with companies today. I, like the rest of you have been following the Google I/O conference announcements for the past couple of days and just heard about Google TV today (yeah I know a bit behind in my feed). I was all excited and was thinking of all the possibilities […]

  • Microsoft Photocopies Apple Store…..Literally.

    Holy crap…..MS has literally photocopied the Apple Store, replaced the Genius Bar with “Answer Bar” and the Genius’ with Guru’s……Does Microsoft ever come up with something original? :-) Here comes “Attack of the Clones”…..hehehehe

  • And now for a little food for thought…..

    Tim Robins’ Keynote speech at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). I missed this event at this years NAB, but I think it’s very much worth a listen. Tim really lays it out nicely. Complete in three parts in order.

  • “It’s not a laptop project. It’s an education project,”

    Yeah, that’s why the OLPC team sold their soul to MS….right? Get ready for OLPC running Windows XO. Because there aren’t enough lemmings out there. This must be Bill G’s wildest dream, an army of illiterate starving kids who’ll program the next version of Winblows for food and water…..brilliant.

  • Vista Network Blues…Repeated network disconnect

    A lot of people seem to be running into weird network problems with Vista (MS’s latest abortion). The symptoms might include: – Windows messenger issues (disconnects, slowness)– Large network file copies get interrupted or are slowwwww– Network file transfers that seem to hang for no reason– Network ghosts turning on/off the network subsystem– Routers having […]

  • OLPC dreams shattered?

    According to a slashdot story: Many participants in OLPC’s ‘Give 1 Get 1’ program of last November are now encountering what has come to be known as the ‘stuck key’ problem, in which one or more of the keys on their XO-1 laptop’s built-in keyboard become stuck in an activated position, or are activated when […]

  • And the battle continue….

    Remember CDDB, the old database of CD’s that people built for people’s use. Well that dream got shot and killed when Gracenote, the company behind it, decided to close the platform and sell the data. It looks like private sector strikes again, big time. Sony has just announced that they bought Gracenote and their Database […]

  • Opps I did it again…..

    I think I will declare today (April 23rd, 2008) as the day of SUCKERS….hehehe. This is fantastic and continues to show how damaging proprietory technologies are to your life. If the Sony ATRAC debacle didn’t serve as a warning there’s always this: Microsoft just announced that it will no longer supply authorization keys for songs […]

  • Proprietary Sucks big

    Proprietary technologies suck, no matter how good/neat they sound at the time. Case in point is the Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) technology. At a sneak preview of the watches given by Microsoft at COMDEX 2003, Microsoft began referring to the SPOT watches as “Smart Watches with MSN Direct.” The purpose of MSN Direct, […]

  • RED is the colour of your blood….so is SCARLET

    So RED is now hyping their little hand held DCinema Camcorder, or as I call it the “Camcorder for people who drive Hummers and have serious penis envy”. Yeah baby, my Camcorder shoots 3K…much better than your 1080P peeshooter….haha. Okay lets get real here…..what the hell were those RED guys thinking?……fixed lens, auto mode, no […]