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  • Windows 7….Bad for your Health

    ….Atleast if you’re in Japan. Take a look at this monster…seven freaking patties stacked up in between two buns… time to celebrate Windows 7 launch. You’ll pay (roughly) $17.10 for the pleasure of clogging your arteries with this 5.1 inch tall monster. Once you’re done — if you’re still alive — you’ll finally understand how […]

  • MS Releases it’s mobile phone…..Fune!!!!

    Hehehe……Nicely done…..

  • Startup Delayer will help you speed up Windows XP/Vista boot time…

    Yep, as weird as that sounds, by cascading your startup items load time (ie: most of the stuff that gets loaded into your system tray) you can actually speed up windows boot times. When Windows loads it’s Startup file, it attempts to load every program in there at the same time. Therefore if you have […]

  • DivXLand Media Subtitler will subtitle your movies in seconds…..

    I’ve always had problems with this and now really appreciate the value of DMS (DivXLand Media Subtitler). You see I own a small HD media player that’s connected to my TV. The trouble with this little gadget is that it does not support subtitle files. That’s not a problem anymore since DMS allows me to […]

  • Quick Media Converter brings Windows GUI sanity to ffmpeg…..

    For those of you who’ve hated the opensource ffmpeg command line media conversion tool, here is Quick Media Converter. It’s a nice looking front-end for ffmpeg that hides the command line complexity of this swiss army like media converter. So What can you do with Quick Media Converter? -Converting Video files from one format to […]

  • EASEUS Disk Copy takes care of all your Disk Duplication in a flash….

    I came across EASEUS Disk Copy today and I have to admit it’s pretty cool. It’s not a live disk imager, but will image just about any disk (even damaged) or partition. It also has a neat feature of being able to image one large disk onto multiple smaller disks. It boots off CD and […]

  • Tiny Watcher…..Who’s watching your PC?

    If you’re like me, you don’t like to install Anti-Virus software or any of the malware removing utilities on your system. The machine is sitting behind a firewall and I know what is running on the machine (most of the time). That said, I’ve always wanted to have the equivalent of trip-wire or rkhunter from […]

  • 3D Auto generated scenes using Flickr hosted pictures….

    Hmmmm……Ugggghhh…..Yet another MS research juicy fruit that no one outside of Redmond is gonna be able to play with. I guess this is a further development or an offshoot of PhotoSynth that MS presented at Siggraph in Boston. This one is much more polished and seems to actually have a purpose (see the end of […]

  • Photoshop of Video Editing Tools

    Yep, Microsoft is at it again (actually MS research to be more precise). Show up at Siggraph, present a juicy paper, get everyone salivating and then, well…..not sure…..hide :-). I don’t get it, I’ll give you an example, couple of years ago a bunch of MS research guys showed up at Siggraph in Boston (I […]

  • SysInternals goes online……

    SysInternals is probably the one set of tools that every Windows support person knows about. It is a collection of fantastic utilities that allows you to troubleshoot just about any problem under windows. It is so good that Microsoft decided to buy the company right out and I have to admit that they’ve done a […]