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  • iPhone Explorer turns your iPhone/iTouch into a USB stick…..

    One of the original reasons I bought my first ipod (first gen 5 Gig) was that I could hook it up to my mac and use it as a firewire drive. I could literally run around with this in my pocket and boot OSX off the ipod. Well that came to an end with the…

  • Ipod/IPhone controlled CAR!!!!

  • MS Releases it’s mobile phone…..Fune!!!!

    Hehehe……Nicely done…..

  • VMWare demos mobile virtual machine for N800

    VMware demoed a Nokia N800 featuring its mobile hypervisor at its VMworld Europe conference, showing Windows CE and Google’s Android running at the same time. In a keynote at VMworld Europe, chief technology officer (CTO) Stephen Herrod unveiled the firm’s mobile virutalisation platform, explaining that phones featuring hypervisors – the technology that allows virtualisation –…

  • Syncing Linux (Ubuntu) and Iphone/Ipod Touches with Firmware 2.x

    If you’re using Ubuntu and have recently upgraded your IpodTouch or Iphone to 2.x firmware, you might be interested in this detailed tutorial. It basically outlines how you can setup syncing under Ubuntu with your 2.x device. The guide assumes that you have jailbroken your ipod/iphone . There is also a nice section for older 1.x…

  • Multitouch on Google Android G1…Where there’s a will, there’s a way

    Well, it didn’t take long for the observant Luke Hutchison to figure it out….It’s all there in the system class files. For all the details check out Luke’s page. Here is the teaser video:

  • More aka.iPhone and Quartz Composer Experiments…..

    So now that I have a basic OSC receiver for aka.iPhone’s XY controller, I’ve been going through Apple’s Demo Compositions — under /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions — and adding my portion of the OSC receiver to them. Here is the latest one, akaRemote-Caterpillar, which is a adaptation of “Caterpillar.qtz” under /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions/Interactive. Again I need to remind you to…

  • aka.iPhone and Quartz Composer Experiments…..

    I assume you know what aka.iPhone is and what it does. If you don’t please see this article over at Create Digital Motion. I’ve got aka.iPhone 2.1 installed on my ipod touch and while I enjoyed playing around with the accompanying MAX/MSP patch — via the free runtime — I wanted to see if I…

  • News, News and more News

    Well today’s been full of good news for developers and users alike. Steve J. announced that the Ipod/Iphone SDK will be released in February 2008 and if that wasn’t enough Nokia announced their next generation Internet Tablet….the N810. It’s basically the N800 on steroids, a slider keyboard plus builtin GPS…..wohoo :-). From the Press Release….…

  • iPhone keyboard done better on Nokia N800….

    Well they said it can’t be done. They said the secret of the apple sauce was only known to Steve. Looks like Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri has it figured out. 1340 lines of code and you’ve got the Apple’s Ubercool keyboard on the N800…..gotta love open platforms.