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  • Stream your Windows desktop using ffmpeg

    I’ve already covered how to do this with vlc a while back in parts 1 followed by part 2. I just found out that something very similar in results can be done with ffmpeg. ffmpeg has recently added support for directshow filters which now allows one to capture the screen and stream and/or save it. Here is […]

  • Ninite: Number 1 application you need in Windows…..

    There are a lot of fantastic free software packages out there for the PC if you’re running windows. VLC, Firefox come to mind. The problem is that it takes a long time to install all of them on your PC. You know the routine, click, wait for download, double click, next, next, next, etc……Well, why? […]

  • FastPictureViewer RAW Codec Pack….FREE

    If you’re using any one of Windows XP, Vista or 7 Platforms in 32 or 64 bit mode, you might be interested in the FastPictureViewer RAW picture codec pack from Axel Rietschin Software Developments. They are FREE for personal and educations use and give you fast access to preview RAW images taken by just about […]

  • National Film Board of Canada’s New Iphone/Ipod Touch App….

    I usually don’t tend to write about apps, but this one got my attention. Download the FREE NFB app and you get access to over a thousand films, documentaries, animations and trailers on your IPhone or Ipod Touch. I think (hope) that this move will be the trickle before the storm that will finally open […]

  • System Explorer….The last PC monitor/process manager you’ll ever need

    Yes, we all know Windows task manager sucks. So I set out to find a decent replacement and that’s when I came across System Explorer. It’s FREE and it rocks. Here are the major features: Detailed informations about Tasks, Processes, Modules, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files. Easy check of […]

  • Gbridge, a must have utility for MS Windows….

    Gbridge is a free software that lets you sync folders, share files, chat and VNC securely and easily. It extends Google’s gtalk service to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects all your computers directly and securely. No matter if they are behind Firewalls, NAT or anything else for that matter. Here are some of […]

  • FastCopy…..Lightning Fast….

    Just came across this program in my desperate search for a faster copying program. I recently purchased a “small” 4TB NAS from QNAP and I’ve been busily filling it up with my FLAC collection lately. The trouble with this is that it takes windows far too long to even start the copying process — let alone the actual file […]

  • Serial Number Revealer will eventually save your day…..

    Have you ever had to reinstall Windows and all the software you own, just to find out that you’ve lost the serial number of some of those packages. Well go grab Serial Number Revealer right now and run it on your machine. It’s Free and can reveal the installed keys for more than 700 pieces […]

  • UNetbootin takes care of all your USB Linux installtion blues….

    I’d covered Fedora’s Live USB creator a while back. But for those of you wanting to install other flavours of linux on a USB stick (or a HD even), the process was lengthy and cumbersome. That was before UNetbootin, the Universal Netboot Installer. You see UNetbootin can be run from Linux or Windows and will enable you […]

  • Move over to Gmail…..

    Lifehacker has a couple of great articles on how you too can cut those ties holding you back from Gmail heaven and move your Email accounts (and old Emails) to Gmail. So go ahead, head on over to Gmail, create an account, download this utility and start uploading your old Outlook/Outlook express/thunderbird mailboxes from your […]