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  • WordPress import plugin for blogger fix….

    Version 0.2 of the blogger plugin for wordpress 3.x has a small little bug in it that produces the following error: Something went wrong. If the problem persists, send this info to support: HTTP/1.0 403 Invalid AuthSub token.Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8Content-Length: 167Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 20:16:35 GMTExpires: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 20:16:35 GMTCache-Control: private, max-age=0X-Content-Type-Options: […]

  • Quick Tip for Bloggers/Youtubers/Flickerites/etc……

    If you’ve ever come across the email gateways of most social sites, you know that — in order to protect you and your account — they produce some very forgettable email addresses. I’m talking about those special email addresses you can setup where for example you can Email a picture to, which will automatically be […]

  • Bloggers and screen shooters: Disable shadow in window screen captures

    One of the things I don’t really like about OSX Leopard is the fact that everytime you take a screen shot of a window (Command-Shift-4 followed by Spacebar), it put’s a — for us bloggers — not so good looking shadow around the capture. Well not anymore, use the following command to disable the effect:defaults […]

  • EasyDNS….Now, easy as Butter

    Okay a little while back I wrote a piece about setting up custom DNS names on and getting the plumbing to work with blogger. Well, there is some excellent news. You see, Mark Jeftovic (Pres. and CEO of easyDNS) contacted me today to let me know about modifications they have made to their DNS […]

  • How to use a custom DNS name with blogger

    So I finally broke down and registered with I’ve used their service for my own canadian domain, so I figured, why not. Under I was doing all kinds of redirects to get to point to (which is the standard addressing scheme for blogs on blogger). Now, here is how […]

  • Flock Rules…..

    This is my first post using a new Browser named Flock. Flock is a OSX native browser based on firefox code, but with lots of neat ideas integrated inside. One thing I really like is the blogging feature right in the browser, Browse, Find, Highlight, Blog…..It’s real easy. Try it for yourself

  • Embedding Picasa Web Slideshows

    Installation: 1. Go to the album you want to display in Picasa Web Album. 2. Right-click on the button and “Copy shortcut“ (?). 3. 4. 5. Post to my blog (You have to be logged in to your Blogger account) 6. Not at Get the code Credit: Blogger Templates