Bloggers and screen shooters: Disable shadow in window screen captures

One of the things I don’t really like about OSX Leopard is the fact that everytime you take a screen shot of a window (Command-Shift-4 followed by Spacebar), it put’s a — for us bloggers — not so good looking shadow around the capture. Well not anymore, use the following command to disable the effect:defaults write disable-shadow -bool trueOnce you issue the command, either logout and back in or kill the SystemUIServer using this command:killall SystemUIServerIf later on you decide to add it back in, delete the preference by issuing the following command:defaults delete disable-shadowFollowed by Logout/Login or the killall command from above. Below you can see the before and after.Have fun and happy capturing :-).

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2 responses to “Bloggers and screen shooters: Disable shadow in window screen captures”

  1. Heh… My username is the… I think you’d call it “root”. Ah, childish delights.

  2. Hey Brainiac,

    Hehehehe…..I just realized (took me a while….) Sorry but I think I might have had this Laptop wayyyy before we ever met :-)…….

    Neat trick though…….

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