EasyDNS….Now, easy as Butter

Okay a little while back I wrote a piece about setting up custom DNS names on easyDNS.com and getting the plumbing to work with blogger. Well, there is some excellent news. You see, Mark Jeftovic (Pres. and CEO of easyDNS) contacted me today to let me know about modifications they have made to their DNS parking servers. These changes make it super easy to setup a blogger custom DNS name with them. No need for Mommy and Daddy….just use easyDNS :-)

Here are the updated details:

  1. Obviously first register your domain name. I went over to easydns.ca (.com is the same company) and registered nerdlogger.com (I use the DNS-Only service & Registry Fees).
  2. Now login to your account on easyDNS. You should see the Members page and somewhere in there there should be a listing of the domains you own under domain settings. Click the DNS command next to the domain you want to use and you should see a page with a bunch of stuff relating to your brand new domain.
  3. Scroll down to the hosts section and check that it has a entry for your domain with PENDING under has IP field. This is the default, so I would be very suprised if it is not there. Just double check.
  4. Now on that same page under aliases setup a CNAME (alias) for www with the corresponding A Record (host) for ghs.google.com and press next to submit it. Make sure it says www only and ghs.google.com and nothing else.
  5. Now you have to wait a couple of hours (I waited 4-6 hours) for the new information to propagate.
  6. Log back into your easydns account and check the domain information page it should have a CNAME (alias) for www.yoursite.com. (Note the terminating DOT) and a Point to A Record (host) of ghs.google.com. (Note the terminating DOT).
  7. Now log into your blogger account and switch to the settings page. Look under publishing tab and select Switch to: Custom Domain. Fill the Your Domain field with www.yoursite.com and press Save Settings.
  8. Wait another 10 minutes and try going to http://www.yoursite.com and/or http://yoursite.com. Both should work at this point.
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  1. I need to get on board with this… except, an absolutely nightmare trying to get it sorted with my hosts/ registra!

    Thanks for the post.


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