Category: DNS

  • Tell Google When You’ve Moved your Site

    If you’re changing from one domain to another for your website, it’s good practice to use a permanent redirect header for all the old pages. Added to that, you can now let Google know of the move in a new Webmaster Tools section called “Change of address”.

  • Make your browser faster (safer) with OpenDNS

    Okay, so this worked for me. I don’t promise that it will do the same for you. Let me explain, my ISP (who shall remain nameless) is very good (good uptime, unlimited, good throughput), but for some reason has horrible DNS servers. I normally try not to use their servers and instead use either my […]

  • EasyDNS….Now, easy as Butter

    Okay a little while back I wrote a piece about setting up custom DNS names on and getting the plumbing to work with blogger. Well, there is some excellent news. You see, Mark Jeftovic (Pres. and CEO of easyDNS) contacted me today to let me know about modifications they have made to their DNS […]

  • How to use a custom DNS name with blogger

    So I finally broke down and registered with I’ve used their service for my own canadian domain, so I figured, why not. Under I was doing all kinds of redirects to get to point to (which is the standard addressing scheme for blogs on blogger). Now, here is how […]