Quick Tip for Bloggers/Youtubers/Flickerites/etc……

If you’ve ever come across the email gateways of most social sites, you know that — in order to protect you and your account — they produce some very forgettable email addresses. I’m talking about those special email addresses you can setup where for example you can Email a picture to, which will automatically be posted to your flickr stream.

Well here is a easy way to use Google mail’s filter function to create easy to remember gmail addresses that would inturn forward your precious postings to the appropriate social site.

  1. First get a gmail account if you don’t already have one. I’ll call mine middleman@gmail.com
  2. Setup your Flickr (or any other) account to accept posts via email. My special flickr email address is manthisemailishardtoremember@photos.flickr.com
  3. Back in your gmail account create a filter. In the To: field put middleman+flickr@gmail.com and select “Forward it to” and fill the field with manthisemailishardtoremember@photos.flickr.com
  4. DONE.

Now any picture attachment sent to middleman+flickr@gmail.com will automagically get rerouted to your flickr publishing Email. You can do this for all your services and that way standardize/centralize your publishing Email addresses.

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