Tilt-Shift fun……

I came across Keith Loutit's work via an email Brad Fortner sent me a couple of days ago. I have to admit, I've never seen anything quite as good as Keith's work with the Tilt-Shift lens . Hop over to his Vimeo page  and/or his Photoblog to check out more of his work.Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.
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JetBytes: On-the-fly file transfer……

Reference, Technology
Neat idea.....You all know about sites where you can upload a large file, for your friends to download. It's simple, but what if you don't want to store the file somewhere. It suddenly gets a bit harder, right. Now you need to bring up that FTP/SSH server, create userid's, open firewall, forward ports, etc. You get the idea.Well, that's were Jetbytes fits in. It's a simple on-the-fly file transfer web service. You go to their website, choose the file you want to pass on to your friend. The site prints out a temporary/random URL, you send your friend the URL and as long as you stay on the page, they can download the file by simply clicking on the URL.JetBytes does nothing more than route the file through their web…
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Chrome makes google proud….The one browser they couldn’t crack…

chrome, Firefox extension, Google, IE, Safari, Windows
A recent contest at CanSecWest, an event that brings together some of the most skilled experts in the security community, has demonstrated that the three most popular browser are susceptible to security bugs despite the vigilance and engineering prowess of their creators. Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer were all exploited during the Pwn2Own competition that took place at the conference. Google's Chrome browser, however, was the only one left standing—a victory that security researchers attribute to its innovative sandbox feature.Way to go Google....but then again what else were you expecting from THE internet company. So if you wanna be safe while wandering through the tubes, go grab a copy ....you'll be sorry you didn't.
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Coraline takes fabbing to the next step…..

stop motion, Technology
CG Society has a great detailed article on the tech that went into creating the new 3D animated movie, Coraline . For those of you who don't know fabbing -- the technique used in creating the characters for this movie -- is the process of 3D printing . The article explains the use of 3D scanning and printing in the new Neal Gaiman/Henry Selick movie about a little girl who finds a secret door to an “Other World”.From the article:The first stop motion filmed in stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) during production, Selick wanted to tackle an even bigger accomplishment: creating a true stop motion film with the smooth facial transitions of CG animation in a hands-on medium.The answer to this quest was to use replacement animation, where one stop motion puppet face is…
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Teradici PCoIP makes me happy: Initial Review….

Disruptive Technology, Technology
So after covering the initial annoucement of Teradici's PC over IP product, I received an email asking to see if I wanted to review the product. I said yes, since we have been looking for a remoting technology to consolidate all our lab PC's and Mac's at the university and we could potentially end up using a Teradici or similar product in the future.I've only spent 4-5 hours with the hardware and some of that time was wasted as I didn't do my usual RTFM. So please keep that in mind as you read through. The package comes in two parts: the PCoIP Host Card -- which is a 1 x PCI express card with the Tera1200 PCoIP host chip -- and the PCoIP Desktop Portal, which is a small…
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Topps 3D Live does Augmented Reality Baseball Cards…..

"Augmented Reality", Technology
Yep, this must be the newest trick advertisers are devising to get our attention. Michael Eisner's company is trying really hard to make baseball card collecting cool again, by releasing Augmented Reality enhanced cards. You pick these things up for a buck or two, come home and hold the card in front of your webcam and through the magic of Augmented Reality, a 3D representation of your favorite player, complete with stats will pop up on top of the card. Mr. Eisner's company is not the first though, there was a German Mini advertisement that placed a Mini Cabrio on a magazine through some AR magic. So what's next....I don't know.....what do you think?Oh and before I forget.....If you want to try out the Mini Cabrio Ad for yourself, grab this PDF…
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