Topps 3D Live does Augmented Reality Baseball Cards…..

Yep, this must be the newest trick advertisers are devising to get our attention. Michael Eisner’s company is trying really hard to make baseball card collecting cool again, by releasing Augmented Reality enhanced cards. You pick these things up for a buck or two, come home and hold the card in front of your webcam and through the magic of Augmented Reality, a 3D representation of your favorite player, complete with stats will pop up on top of the card.

Mr. Eisner’s company is not the first though, there was a German Mini advertisement that placed a Mini Cabrio on a magazine through some AR magic. So what’s next….I don’t know…..what do you think?

Oh and before I forget…..If you want to try out the Mini Cabrio Ad for yourself, grab this PDF file , print if and head over here to see it work. The only problem, it’s Internet Explorer compatible only…..YUCK.


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