Startup Delayer will help you speed up Windows XP/Vista boot time…

Microsoft, Tricks, Windows
Yep, as weird as that sounds, by cascading your startup items load time (ie: most of the stuff that gets loaded into your system tray) you can actually speed up windows boot times. When Windows loads it's Startup file, it attempts to load every program in there at the same time. Therefore if you have quite a lot of programs starting when Windows starts, each program will try and grab CPU time so that it can load and that makes windows Craaawwwwllllll. Startup Delayer allows you to setup how many seconds after Windows has started, to load each program. This little freebee -- for example -- allows you to load that really really important (yeahright) "iTunesHelper.exe" program later in the boot process. Let's face it half the crap that gets…
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Remote OSX server install via Apple Remote Desktop or VNC….

Linux, osx Server, Tricks, Windows
Came across this issue a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it until today. Yes, you can avoid using the Server Assistant program and go straight to ARD to install your server. For this to work your server and remote desktop machines need to be on the same subnet. You boot the server using the 10.5 CD/DVD and note it's serial number. Now you need to find out the IP address of the server and connect to it from your remote desktop machine. For this, you can run ARD and scan the subnet and find your new server. Once you've found it connect to it and login using the first eight characters of the machines serial number and leave the username blank. This even works from Windows/Linux…
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UNetbootin takes care of all your USB Linux installtion blues….

Fedora Core, free, Linux, Opensource, Ubuntu
I'd covered Fedora's Live USB creator a while back. But for those of you wanting to install other flavours of linux on a USB stick (or a HD even), the process was lengthy and cumbersome. That was before UNetbootin, the Universal Netboot Installer. You see UNetbootin can be run from Linux or Windows and will enable you to install a fully functional linux distro to a USB stick or even a spare partition.The current version has built-in support for the following distributions:Ubuntu (and official derivatives)6.06 LTS6. LTSDebianStable/EtchTesting/LennyUnstable/SidLinux Mint3.14.05-r1openSUSE10.210.311.0FactoryArch Linux2007.08Damn Small Linux4.4SliTazStableCookingPuppy Linux4.00FreeBSD6.37.0NetBSD4.0Fedora789RawhidePCLinuxOS20072008Gentoo2007.02008.0Zenwalk5.2Slax6Dreamlinux3.2EliveDevelopmentCentOS45Mandriva2007.12008.02008.1FaunOS0.5.4Frugalware LinuxStableTestingCurrentSo go ahead and try some of those acquired flavors of Linux, or that FreeBSD you always wanted to install, but were too scared to. After all it's only a USB stick, if it screws up just format and reinstall…
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Activate expanded Save and Print menu’s in OSX

Apple, CLI, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server, Tricks
Here are two commands to activate the expanded Print and Save menu's under OSX by default. You need to type these in a terminal window.1) For expanded Print menudefaults write -g PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool TRUELogoff and back in again to activate. Reissue the command replacing TRUE with FALSE to turn expanded functionality off.2) For expanded Save menudefaults write -g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool TRUELogoff and back in again to activate. Reissue the command replacing TRUE with FALSE to turn expanded functionality off.Enjoy and Have fun
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Quick command line trick to make your Leopard stacks look nice….

Apple, CLI, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, osx Server, Tricks
Here is a quick command to make Leopard's stacks behave nicer when you move your mouse across the icons. You can type these two commands in terminal to activate the feature:defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean YESkillall Dockor alternatively if you don't like the look, type the following in terminal to reset it back:defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean NOkillall Dock
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DivXLand Media Subtitler will subtitle your movies in seconds…..

Divx, Microsoft, Video, Windows
I've always had problems with this and now really appreciate the value of DMS (DivXLand Media Subtitler). You see I own a small HD media player that's connected to my TV. The trouble with this little gadget is that it does not support subtitle files. That's not a problem anymore since DMS allows me to embed the subtitles into the Divx/Xvid file before I watch it.DivXLand Media Subtitler key features:* Create subtitle files from plain text files* Preview subtitled video immediately without saving file* Save partially edited files to resume subtitling process later* Automatic caption timing features* Multiple subtitling modes available* Support for basic text formatting* Support for at least 30 subtitle formats (open and save)* Keyboard shortcuts available to control subtitle process* Spell check using the Ms Word component*…
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Quick Media Converter brings Windows GUI sanity to ffmpeg…..

Codec, Microsoft, Technology, Video, Windows
For those of you who've hated the opensource ffmpeg command line media conversion tool, here is Quick Media Converter. It's a nice looking front-end for ffmpeg that hides the command line complexity of this swiss army like media converter. So What can you do with Quick Media Converter?-Converting Video files from one format to another.-Converting Audio files from one format to another.-Extracting and converting Audio files from video or audio media.-Extracting and converting Video without sound.-Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with FFPLAY Multi format player (Fabrice Bellard).- A myriad of formats is recognized by FFmpeg, those not recognized yet, are worked on by many people around the open source community and may most of the time, become available sooner or later.-Many files to convert? No worry, batch…
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EASEUS Disk Copy takes care of all your Disk Duplication in a flash….

Microsoft, Technology, Windows
I came across EASEUS Disk Copy today and I have to admit it's pretty cool. It's not a live disk imager, but will image just about any disk (even damaged) or partition. It also has a neat feature of being able to image one large disk onto multiple smaller disks. It boots off CD and supports IDE, SATAI, SATAII, SCSI, Firewire(IEEE1394) and USB drives. The best part......It's FREE.
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Gregory Crewdson like Toronto Strobist shoot

Flickr, Photography
For our fifth meeting, TSG members decided to try their hands on a large group production. Very much in the spirit of productions Gregory Crewdson puts together. It took us nearly 3 hours to set this shot up, we walked away with 8 frames and this is my rendition of the frames superimposed in Photoshop CS3 with lots of masking to reveal the different layers of "information". I will be working some more on different combinations of these frames, as there is a lot more information (people) that is not visible in this version.
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