Texty: The Simplest CMS……

Well maybe a bit too simple. I couldn’t decide if this one was totally evil –under a cutesy name and interface– or just simply useful and cool, so I’ll let you guys decide. Hop on over to Texty and give it a whirl.

This new webapp allows you to create Texty’s (which are HTML snippets) through their WYSIWYG editor. The Texty’s get saved on their server and all you have to do to publish the texty on your web page is to include the one line javascript code on your page. Every time you log into their site and change a texty’s content, all pages that contain the javascript code will also automatically update.

Now the immediate problem with this is that if enough people start designing texty powered sites, then the search engines are doomed. You see texty’s one line javascript code actually goes back to their server and crafts a .js file with one document.write() call that includes all the HTML in it. Since search engines are not designed for this, most (if not all) will fail to traverse/index your site.

The neat part of a service like texty is that you can craft your HTML pages the standard way (maybe through a webbased editor like WriteToMyBlog) and add elements to that page that can be updated and changed by others without disturbing the main content of the page. Again keep in mind that the texty elements will most likely not get indexed by search engines.

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  1. We at Texty love all your feedback! Texty is the first step in a new method of dynamic and simple CMS solutions. Although this seems like a small offering initially – it handles many needs of the small web publisher, the personal site owner and the web developer business. Regardless there is more to come – please stay tuned!

    We are actively working with Google on a new method of indexing to assure that Texty content is well indexed – and I can assure you that the company is built to survive – and that there should not be any issue of the company disappearing and content no longer loading!

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