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  • Samsung SPF-83V Digital Picture Frame Review

    So I picked up one of these from future shop today. I was skeptical about the RSS feed capabilities of it, but figured that worst case I would return it. Well I’m glad to report that after playing around with it for the past 4 hours, it’s staying. This thing is really cool. Here is […]

  • is TV freed?

    Well, I’ll leave this one to you. You can decide on it’s Kosherness. The application is called TED and it can find all sorts of TV episodes you might have missed. From the homepage: ted can find episodes of any TV show you like to watch. Just add your favorite shows to ted and he […]

  • Texty: The Simplest CMS……

    Well maybe a bit too simple. I couldn’t decide if this one was totally evil –under a cutesy name and interface– or just simply useful and cool, so I’ll let you guys decide. Hop on over to Texty and give it a whirl. This new webapp allows you to create Texty’s (which are HTML snippets) […]

  • Good old TTY…

    I love tty. I love command line. I love vi. Well if you agree with any one of these statements, you have to check out It is absolutely simple and stunning at the same time. All you need is a telnet connection (you can even do it across serial terminals). Here is how it […]

  • RSS vs. Atom

    So after searching around the web for a bit, I finally found a nice page describing the differences. I was always under the impression that Atom is a end-to-end publishing API, where as RSS is just XML encoded content for aggregation. It turns out, there is more to it, so read on and get informed.