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  • Quotes and such in WordPress…..

    As nice as wordpress is, it can sometimes turn your life into a bit of a nightmare. Case in point the title in my previous post. I was trying to tell WP that I want straight double quotes (ie: “) and it kept insisting on beautifying it and turning it into curly double quotes. These […]

  • Amazing HTML5 Animations……

    If you’re a fan of those old 8-bit (amiga/atari) colour cycling animations, you should definitely check out these beauties…..Absolutely superb :-). More info here.BTW. You can thank Mike Ferrari and Joseph Huckaby for the art and the accompanying code….

  • HTML5: Pure, Simple and Deadly (if you’re Flash)…..

     Have a look at these experiments with HTML5 Canvas tag. Simply amazing.

  • Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…..The end is here…..

    Okay maybe this is a bit dramatic, but I really think the days of flash as a web media presentation platform are numbered. HTML5 is coming on strong, you can already do video streaming using the new canvas tags and now here is Akihabara, a set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style […]

  • Texty: The Simplest CMS……

    Well maybe a bit too simple. I couldn’t decide if this one was totally evil –under a cutesy name and interface– or just simply useful and cool, so I’ll let you guys decide. Hop on over to Texty and give it a whirl. This new webapp allows you to create Texty’s (which are HTML snippets) […]

  • A little late for my last trip…

    Well, I found this little Gem a bit late for WWDC. I missed an early thursday session, since I was relying on the hotels wake up call system which — for some reason — did not work that day. Well not anymore, ALARMD comes to rescue. ALARMD is a internet alarm clock that you can […]

  • Oh and one last thing….

    iPhone, aka. Apple Inc.’s Achilles Heel. Well, just about everyone was waiting for a SDK for the bloody thing. They wanted to rush to the AT&T store on June 29, buy a iPhone and start developing real software for it. You know, the kind of software that is actually useful. Well Apple’s idea of software […]

  • HTML+CSS Reference by Example

    If you ever needed HTML/CSS help and had to google it or look it up in some book, you will appreciate this website.