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  • Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…..The end is here…..

    Okay maybe this is a bit dramatic, but I really think the days of flash as a web media presentation platform are numbered. HTML5 is coming on strong, you can already do video streaming using the new canvas tags and now here is Akihabara, a set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style […]

  • Hide your Email from Spambots…..

    Have you ever put your email online in a comment for example. Were you concerned about Spambots harvesting your email address? If so, did you use some weird trick (eg: replacing @ with “at”) to try to hide your address from spambots? That’s where Albion Research’s Email Address Obfuscator comes in handy. Follow this link, […]

  • Diagram editor right in your browser…..

    So today I had a choice to make. You see I had to draw a small diagram and needed a editor. Now I know visio is the end-all-be-all of editors, but I needed something fast and simple. Oh and I really didn’t want to go down to the office to pick up the install disks […]

  • Texty: The Simplest CMS……

    Well maybe a bit too simple. I couldn’t decide if this one was totally evil –under a cutesy name and interface– or just simply useful and cool, so I’ll let you guys decide. Hop on over to Texty and give it a whirl. This new webapp allows you to create Texty’s (which are HTML snippets) […]

  • Photoshop on the Web….

    Just came across this site (read it like it’s french…..Phau-to….ie: photo). Anyways, great web 2.0 application. It has all your standard photo application funtions/features (including layers for all you PS guys). Maybe it’s just me, but a couple more applications like this and well, we won’t need the OS anymore (be it OSX, WinXP, […]

  • Bill, google is coming to getcha…

    Well, here is my prediction after digesting most of the content that came out of G-Day. Google Gears will soon make MS Office (and for that matter most “installed” applications) obsolete. Google’s Gears homepage explains that Gears is … Google in a press release states that Gears “marks an important step in the evolution of […]