Photoshop on the Web….

Just came across this site (read it like it’s french…..Phau-to….ie: photo). Anyways, great web 2.0 application. It has all your standard photo application funtions/features (including layers for all you PS guys). Maybe it’s just me, but a couple more applications like this and well, we won’t need the OS anymore (be it OSX, WinXP, Linux, etc…). Google (and others) already do word processing, spread sheets, presentation (ie: powepoint)….add photo editing to it and you’ve got a pretty good arsenal of applications that are truly platform agnostic. TIC TOC…TIC TOC…TIC TOC…I wonder if the OS guys are listening….

4 thoughts on “Photoshop on the Web….


    My my! I can’t help but agree on that. Ah, but of course, the apps on the web don’t really work as well as our dear Adobe and Microsoft products :P Functions functions!!

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