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  • RED One does Super 8

    Yeah baby, If you’re gonna telecine your Super 8 summer trip reels, why not do it using the RED Digital Cinema Camera at glorious (or is it gruesome) 4K. All those scratches and nicks blown up to 4K….Yummm. Well I guess film restorers will be back in business. The rig is a prototype made by […]

  • And now a bit of Engineering brought to you by the letter E

    As some of you might know I’ve been setting up my OTA (Over The Air) HDTV gear for the past couple of months and learning all about Antenna design, gain, amplification, directionality and such…..Lots of fun/confusing stuff. Well today I came across this article on that describes how a bunch of guys got together […]

  • Free Power…..

    Okay so it’s not totally free. Follow this link to Richard Boxes website where he documents how he powered up 1301 florescent lamps without plugging them in. You see he used the electromagnetic field generated by the powerlines overhead to get the lamps to glow.

  • iCinema does 360 Degree cinema……

    iCinema has teamed up with Projectiondesign to create the first AVIE (Advanced Visualization and Interaction Environment). AVIE is the first horizontal panoramic streoscopic projection environment. The system uses a cylindrical screen measuring 35 feet in diameter and 13 feet in height. Seven PC’s and twleve F1+ projectors complete the system. Infrared camera’s allow the audience […]

  • Canon’s new biometric photo watermarking is on it’s way

    Canon is using Iris watermarking to take photographer’s copyright protection to the next level. A new Canon patent application (Pub. No.: US 2008/0025574 A1) reveals the next step in digital watermarking – Iris Registration. The process is as follows: Turn the Mode dial to “REG” Choose between “REG 1″ through “REG 5″ (for up to […]

  • Computer History Museum on YouTube

    If you like to see some of the most prolific Engineers and Scientists of our time talk about how we got to where we are in computers, head over to the Computer History Museum Channel on You Tube. Oh, and if you’re ever in Northern California somewhere, take a side trip to Mountain View and visit the […]

  • Cool Hand Tracking Video….

    Speaking of hand tracking, here is a video of a guy playing around with an unknown system (looks a bit like linux). Very cool demo and almost perfect tracking. Not sure if it’s IR or not, you can see him in the corner of the screen, but can’t quite tell how it’s done. Anyways, I’m […]

  • rsizr….web2.0 for Content-Aware Image Resizing

    So here it is, the web2.0 app you’ve all been waiting for. We’d covered Content-Aware Image Resizing before in two of our articles here and here. Now it looks like there is rsizr is actually the working 2.0 app that can do this type of Seam Carving. Try it out…’s magic.

  • CineGrid GLIF Demo….

    From CineGrid GLIF… Well many of you have probably been wondering why N.E.R.D. has been a bit slow for the past couple of months. Well, August was a bit of a nightmare month (although an enjoyable nightmare for the most part). I got a chance to go to Siggraph’07 in San Diego, followed by a […]

  • Image Slicing LIVE…..

    Hot on the heels of our coverage of Image Slicing and Stretching paper titled Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing (Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir), here is a fully working prototype of the shrinking part of the paper by Patrick Swieskowski. So how long do you think it will take for Adobe to snag these […]