Cool Hand Tracking Video….

Speaking of hand tracking, here is a video of a guy playing around with an unknown system (looks a bit like linux). Very cool demo and almost perfect tracking. Not sure if it’s IR or not, you can see him in the corner of the screen, but can’t quite tell how it’s done. Anyways, I’m posting it since it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen. From the description:

A C++ computer vision application to emulate the mouse and the keyboard in any application using hand gestures and a low-cost webcam.

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  1. Hey Many,
    I don’t know what OS he’s using, but some of the characters on the task bar/menu/whatever look like Asian characters. Also, I’m fairly sure he’s using the program Open Canvas, version 4.something. I don’t know a lot about OC, but I’m pretty sure it’s not available for Linux, so…
    Yeah. Cool Stuff.

    Oops, I think those characters say start, just in a weird way. Also, he definitly has MS Paint. I think this may be Windows Vista, but something has been done to it. Hmm… Definitly Vista, or maybe XP.

    Yeah, so a tricked out Windows using OC. I’m done rambling on your blog now. Thanks,


  2. Check out the products at They’ve got the patent on camera-enabled tracking technology, and their AirPoint hand-tracking unit for mouse replacement is already being used in commercial applications. Check out the video:


    Plus they’ve got many other cool products like an interactive multi-touch surface computing table and an immersive interactive digital signage product that puts people right into the advertisement

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