RED One does Super 8

Yeah baby, If you’re gonna telecine your Super 8 summer trip reels, why not do it using the RED Digital Cinema Camera at glorious (or is it gruesome) 4K. All those scratches and nicks blown up to 4K….Yummm. Well I guess film restorers will be back in business. The rig is a prototype made by Movie Stuff Workprinter XP specifically for the RED camera. The Workprinter’s “trigger out” interfaces directly to the Red’s GPI input to trigger capture in stop motion mode up to 30 frames per second in the Red’s 4K mode). I wonder if they’re gonna do a 16mm version of this rig as well. Now that would be a cheap 16mm telecine :-).

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  1. Hi. I am going to buy a Red One and, maybe, a WorkPrint 16. Is it possible to capture HD from a WorkPrint? Which software is capable for sinchronizing both, the Red and the WorkPrint?
    What about the Red, any big trouble?

  2. Great idea on using the RED camera for capture. I have a WorkPrinter for 8mm as well, but have been using it with the condenser lens along with my Sony EX-1 (I haven’t upgraded to RED yet). However, I see that you are not using the condenser lens. Can you give some insight on how do you setup the camera/projector?

  3. Hi pborgnes,

    I think there is been some mis-communication going on here :-). I don’t actually have any of this gear. I was just reporting of it’s availability. So to be honest I haven’t got a clue if the device in the picture has a condenser lens or not. Maybe the Moviestuff staff can help with your question….I think there is a link to their website in the original article. Sorry.


  4. Yeah, I figured that out and followed the thread through to the original source, which I don’t have in front of me right now. The photo just demonstrated the potential for doing something like this with a RED. I think that the real point to this idea is the interest to find a relatively easy workflow for film to file in HD. I have a WorkPrinter for 8mm/Super8 and it works pretty well especially coupled with my Sony EX-1.

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