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  • Get your cable free gaming GPU here….

    Galaxy sub-brand KFA2 has just announced their new KFA2 GTX460 WHDI nvidia based wireless graphics card. The KFA2 GTX 460 WHDI uses a wireless link (WHDI) to send the display output from your PC to your screen. You just need to attach the bundled receiver to the back of your monitor/screen and you’re done. The […]

  • Nvidia delivers 2 Teraflops in 1U GPU-powered server

    Yep, just leave it to Nvidia to do all the cool stuff…..I wonder how long it will be before a GPU centric OS (Ninux/Nubuntu anyone?) comes out that will squeeze that GPU for all it´s worth. Intel should be worried :-). NVIDIA Corporation and Supermicro today announced the immediate availability of a new class of […]

  • ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 1.6GHz Dual-Core Mini ITX Intel Motherboard

    I was looking for a fast small (read: mini-ITX) mobo that had enough power to drive 1080P monitor/panel and I came across Zotac IonITX-A-U board. According to manufacturer’s website: The mini-ITX form factor ZOTAC® ION combines a high-performance NVIDIA® ION graphics processor with a power-efficient Intel® Atom processor for the ultimate eco-friendly platform that has […]

  • New NVIDIA Quadro Plex Systems Bring Visual Supercomputing To The Deskside

    I’m gonna date myself here and ask….Does anyone remember the Agnus Chip? How about the Fatter Agnus or the Alice? For those of you who don’t know these were the original and upgraded OCS/ECS chips that did most of the amazing (for the time) graphics for the Amiga computer back in the late-80’s/early-90’s. Fast forward […]

  • Data Analytics and Visualization upgrades for world’s fastest Open Science Supercomputer

    Argonne National Laboratory will soon have the data analytics and visualization capability to complement its distinction as the fastest computer in the world for open science. Argonne awarded GraphStream, Inc. a contract that will help to make data analytics and visualization at this scale possible through the world’s largest installation of NVIDIA Quadro® Plex S4 […]

  • 16 GPU Monster…..

    So how do you emulate the human vision system. Well if you ask either Nicolos Pinto, David Cox or James DiCarlo, they’ll probably point at the harmless looking machine sitting in the corner of their lab. The machine in question is “quietly” humming away as it tries to simulate a real-time human level artificial vision […]