Steve Jobs’ Speech From 1983 About Things That Didn’t Exist Until Now

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Steve Jobs' Speech From 1983 About Things That Didn't Exist Until Now | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource: Back in 1983, Steve Jobs spoke at International Design Conference (IDCA) in Aspen. Now, the full 1-hour audio recording of Steve’s amazing speech discussing things like wireless networking, App Store and the iPad has surfaced, thanks to folks at who got their hands on one of the cassette recordings from the conference which were handed out to all attendees. (Via
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IOS6 Passbook “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” error fix…..

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Yeah, brand new app in IOS6 and it does not work without fiddling…..Here is how you get it working: Open Settings. Open General. Open Date & Time. Switch the Set Automatically setting to Off. Open Set Date & Time. Set the date to a year ahead. Go back to the Home screen and open Passbook. Tap the App Store button. The App Store should load. Go back to Date & Time and turn on Set Automatically. That's it…….life goes on :-)
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Using iCloud to sync files just like dropbox

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If you didn't know, iCloud has a really neat feature that allows it to act just like dropbox. If you activate the "Document & Data" synching option in the iCloud pref panel, it allows you to sync any file using iCloud. This is contrary to what Apple is selling the service as being just for "Custom" Apps that have the iCloud feature (i.e.: keynote, numbers, etc.). So here is how you take advantage of this. Once you've turned on the feature in the preferences panel, you open up Finder. Hold down the "option/alt" key and from the finder menus choose "Go/Library". This should land you in your not so secret Library directory. You need to hold down the option key to see this, since OSX Lion hides the users Library…
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Hauppauge Broadway: OTA ATSC streaming for iOS devices….

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Yep, just like the title says, hauppauge has announced the Broadway, a new "set-top" aimed at iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The hardware streams live OTA HDTV to an Apple handheld after first compressing the video using H.264. The resulting media can be delivered locally over Wi-Fi, or to a remote place using any Internet connection. Over-The-Air ATSC signals can be captured using a built-in ATSC tuner, while cable is supported through clear QAM. Pricing is a bit steep at $199 and the box is scheduled for February release.
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SharePod…..The only tool you need to maintain your Ipod

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I came across sharepod the other day while looking for a Ipod offload tool for OSX. My Ipod was full with music I wanted to keep, but I was leaving on a long trip so I wanted to have some movies and tv-shows with me aswell. To make a long story short, as much as like to stick to OSX when it comes to daily computing, after using sharepod I'm wishing for a similar app for OSX :-). Sharepod is a free application that runs under windows and lets you do just about anything with your ipod content. Here is a quick feature list:Add & remove music and videos from your iPodAdd, remove and edit playlistsAdd & remove album artCopy music, videos and playlists from your iPod to PCImport music/videos…
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FFmpeg commands for ipod video encoding…

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So I found out the hard way that the new ipod's (with video out) can actually play 640x480 video and also figured out how to get iTunes to accept the encoded files (so that I could sync them with the device) is the run down:"TV-Out" mode - 1.5Mbit/s 640×480 H.264 videosBIT_RATE <= 1500 kbps640×480Up to 30 fps“Low-Complexity” H.264 Baseline Profile1 reference frameUp to H.264 level 3640 pixels maximum frame widthSample Aspect Ratio (SAR) must be 1:1UUID atom must exist containing the following hex data: 6B 68 40 F2 5F 24 4F C5 BA 39 A5 1B CF 03 23 F3....This allows you to add the video into iTunes. You need AtomicParsley for this which can be checked out from their subversion repository . See below for usage.For 1-pass encoding use:ffmpeg -i INPUT…
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