Moonah wraps up the last Podcamp Toronto session….

Jay Moonah did the OoVoO thing with Andrea Vascellari, Pistachio and Mitch Canter during the last session. Podcamp Toronto 2008 is now officially over…..see you all back here in 2009. For full video coverage visit the Podcamp Toronto 2008 website/wiki and check out the rest of the pics here.

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4 responses to “Moonah wraps up the last Podcamp Toronto session….”

  1. Many, thanks again for all your help! Always a pleasure my friend, seeya soon.

  2. Hey Many,

    Thanks for all your hard work at Toronto Podcamp 2008. Can’t wait until the video’s are posted. I mentioned Nerdlogger on Martin Cleaver’s blog today.

    I’ve also reactivated my blog at

  3. Awesome photo of the session. Thanks for joining us!


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