WinterCity ’09 – Pi-Leau by Close-Act

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Dutch street theatre troupe, Close-Act, transformed Nathan Phillips Square into a mythical under-water world that floats high above the audience. I had a chance to see the show twice (Friday and Saturday Night) and have to admit.....It was amazing. Themes of global warming and environmental struggles were evident, but at its heart this is a story of forbidden love that combines theatre, music, fire, dance and incredible props. It will be here for another two shows next weekend, so if you live in Toronto (or are visiting), definitely drop by City Hall and check out the show. It's about 1 hour and well worth it.
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TPMG visits Toronto Zoo…or…How I busted my camera shutter…

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Well it finally happened yesterday. I busted the shutter curtain on my faithful Canon 1DMKII. Took a trip to Toronto Zoo and about an hour into the trip the shutter literally ripped (Damn Orangutans, I think one of them jinxed the camera :-)). I think the cooling (-15C outside) and heating (+25C inside) might have had something to do with it, plus the fact I was firing off at 8 frames/s. Anyways, I did get to fire off the couple of shots before camera went nuclear on me....More on flickr....
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PodCamp Toronto 2009….

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Yeahhhh, PodCamp Toronto 2009 Unconference has been announced. We (Ryerson University) are hosting it for the 3rd year in a row....woohoo. I'll be doing some crazy live video streaming again this year using my wireless Axis webcam. It'll be two days of total mayhem/fun, so join us all in Toronto.....It's Free, you'll most likely freeze your bum and you get free food/knowledge :-).More info on
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Nuit Blanche 2008….Toronto celebrates the Arts/Artists.

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Once again Toronto celebrated Nuit Blanche this past weekend (October 04-05). I did not go to last years event, but had attended the very first one (best one thus far IMHO) in 2006. Although the event this year went without a hitch, there were a lot of intoxicated people on the streets and the whole atmosphere was different than first year. From what I understand, news sources are reporting 1,000,000 people. I don't know about you, but that was seriously pushing the capacities of some of the events/venues.I went downtown around 8:00 PM with Camera and tripod in tow and after seeing the see of people at dundas square decided to get a coffee from the nearby Tim Hortons and chill in my office at Ryerson -- just next door.…
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Photo Madness…..recent TSG and TPMG events.

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Well, I've been a busy beaver and as you can see got a lot of pics to share. They are not necessarily in the order taken, but are all recent. First is the results from our Toronto Strobists Meeting on September 27. We got a bit lucky and ended up having access to a green screen in the studio. So I decided to spend most of my energy on figuring out how you can create a seamless green background using a couple of strobes (SB-26's). The results are not great, but I think are good enough for a initial effort. The rest of the time was spent to try out and learn about using specular highlight as a background enhancer and to produce some single light portraits. As usual you…
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PodCamp Toronto 2008 – Day 2

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Day two is a little slower, I'm not sure if it's because of subway operation not kicking in until 9:00 am (sunday service) or if it's the drink fest at the Library Pub last night.....maybe a bit of both. It's getting busier and hopefully by noon we'll be at full capacity. In the meantime here are some pics. Tune into the our live video streams via PodCamp Toronto's website or better yet come on down to Church and Gould and say Hi in person.
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