Photo Madness…..recent TSG and TPMG events.


Well, I’ve been a busy beaver and as you can see got a lot of pics to share. They are not necessarily in the order taken, but are all recent. First is the results from our Toronto Strobists Meeting on September 27. We got a bit lucky and ended up having access to a green screen in the studio. So I decided to spend most of my energy on figuring out how you can create a seamless green background using a couple of strobes (SB-26’s). The results are not great, but I think are good enough for a initial effort. The rest of the time was spent to try out and learn about using specular highlight as a background enhancer and to produce some single light portraits. As usual you can find the full set of pictures on my flickr page.

_MG_6617 Version 1

Next is the TPMG (Toronto Photographers Meetup Group) visit to Ontario Place for the annual Chinese Lantern Festival. The visit that almost didn’t happen (due to weather) took place last friday (October 03) and although we escaped the rain the wind by the lake was a tad chilly :-) Shooting these lanterns was very different. I ended up settling on spot-meter mode on the camera since Matrix and Centre meter modes were not working properly (over exposure). The entire set is on flickr as usual….follow this link.

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