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  • Moonah wraps up the last Podcamp Toronto session….

    Jay Moonah did the OoVoO thing with Andrea Vascellari, Pistachio and Mitch Canter during the last session. Podcamp Toronto 2008 is now officially over…..see you all back here in 2009. For full video coverage visit the Podcamp Toronto 2008 website/wiki and check out the rest of the pics here.


    Yeah, but these guys didn’t care :-). They just kept going and going and going……More pics here.

  • PodCamp Toronto 2008 – Day 2

    Day two is a little slower, I’m not sure if it’s because of subway operation not kicking in until 9:00 am (sunday service) or if it’s the drink fest at the Library Pub last night…..maybe a bit of both. It’s getting busier and hopefully by noon we’ll be at full capacity. In the meantime here…

  • Zoom Brothers….

    These guys sure love their Zooms…..can’t you tell??? more pics here.

  • Steve Wuz Hier…..

    Yep, I have proof. The man was here, live and in colour :-). Lots more picies here.

  • Podcamp Toronto….It’s not just about Podcasting

    Well, the afternoon is shaping up pretty nicely. And just to prove that Podcamp is more about “social” than about “pod”, Jenny Bullough and Chloe Barbosa presented an awesome session on “Everything You Need to Know About Second Life”…..and more. Picture gallery is located here.

  • PodCamp Toronto 2008 – Day 1 – Afternoon

    So we’re heading into the homestretch, atleast for today. The “Zero to Podcasting” sessions in Studio A are fantastic (and fun to boot). Lots of hands-on stuff, tons of help/suggestions to go around…..Check out the rest of the pictures here.


    Subject says it all…..more of the afternoon coverage later. All pics are available here.

  • PodCamp Toronto 2008 – Day 1

    Well, We kicked off Podcamp Toronto 2008 this morning at 10:00 am. We are expecting 350-400 participants to walk through the Rogers Communications Centre during the two days. Here is a taste of what you’re missing if you’re sitting on your behind at home reading this blog :-) For more info and live streams go…