PodCamp Toronto….

It’s that time of the year again, PodCamp Toronto is once again taking place at Rogers Communications Center in Toronto, Canada. If you’re in/around/close to toronto on the weekend of Feb 23-24 make sure you drop by and check it out…It’s FREE. The complete video archive of last years podcamp is also online so be sure to check it out. More info here.

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  1. Many this sounds great..clicked on the link and listened to the first QuickTime under “Orientation & Opening Presentations” to get an idea what PodCamp was about. Particularly impressed hearing Jullian Smith mention “Homeless Nation” and it’s support of new media to those less fortunate, what a wonderful organization.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for the mention Many. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at Podcamp Toronto. Last year you and your team with the streaming video carts really helped to make the event something special.

    Sean McGaughey

    Podcamp Toronto Blog and Podcast

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