Getting HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard to work with Nokia N800

Okay this was relatively simple…..

  1. Make sure you can either ssh and become root and/or run xterm and become root on your N800.
  2. Ssh to the N800 and become root (either through sudo grainroot or something similar)
  3. Goto kbdd‘s website and download kbdd.tar.gz onto your N800.
  4. Extract it to root’s home directory using tar -zvlf kbdd.tar.gz and cd to kbdd.
  5. Unfold the keyboard/insert battries/press the button on top right corner and make sure the LED beside it starts blinking.
  6. In Ssh client type hcitool scan to scan for bluetooth devices. If you have more than 1 device you might see multiple entries. Note the Bluetooth address in form of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx . You will need this in the next step.
  7. Use vi (in ssh session) to edit the file btkbd.conf and make it look as follows:
  8. BDADDR="xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"

  9. Where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the Bluetooth Address you got at step 6 and PORTNUM is the Bluetooth serial port number the script creates (2 should be safe, try not to use 0/1 as they are used for Cell phone connections).
  10. Make sure your Keyboard and N800 are not paired before starting this process. If they are paired, delete the pairing first. Make keyboard discoverable (press the top right button beside the LED) and run btkbd command from ssh command line. Wait for a pop-up on your N800 and type 0000 as the pairing code.
  11. If everything is working you should be able to type on the BT keyboard now. You can run btkbd again to stop the deamon.
  12. If it works you can add menu shortcut. Just run the script in kbdd directory.

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11 responses to “Getting HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard to work with Nokia N800”

  1. Hi Many,
    Have you been able (or tried) to get this this keyboard working on the N800 with OS2008-beta?

    If so, what did you do? I haven’t succeeded yet though it worked under OS2007 great.


  2. Hi Bruce,

    I just upgraded to OS2008 as well and that was one of the first things I tried…..but no luck…..I guess we’ll have to wait for the developer to upgrade.

  3. Just installed on N800 w/OS2008. Works great. Paired it first to get the BT address, then unpaired and followed the procedure. Thanks!

  4. Hi Herb,

    I’m glad it worked for you. I’m also glad you volunteered your time/N800 to make sure the process still works under OS2008 :-).


  5. Hi Guillermo,

    Well, I would love to know as well. I’ve got a N95 that could use a nice keyboard. I think someone would have to write the small “interface” program. Anyways, If you know of some way or find out, let me know :-)


  6. Hi,

    Any chance to make it work on N900 Maemo 5?


  7. Hi Skomialek,

    To be honest I don't know. I don't own a N900 (yet), but you should just try it anyway. It will not screw anything up. It's just a filter for Bluetooth serial protocol. If it works, fine, if not you can just delete the folder.

    Let me know if it does work :-)…..

  8. Attempted these instructions on an N900. Unfortunately, they don't work. There is a kernel module involved, and the .tar.gz doesn't come with the module compiled for the 2.6.28 kernel that Maemo5 uses.

  9. Thanks for testing this on 900 anonymous. It's too bad since the HP keyboard is actually kinda nice and complements the 800/900.

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