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  • IRadio = Raspberry Pi + Adafruit PiTFT (with buttons) + MPD + NCMPCPP + Bluetooth BeatsPill Speaker + Custom Frame Buffer Pygame code

    So over christmas holidays I spent about 5 days to perfect my raspberry pi based internet radio player. You’ll need the following hardware: Raspberry Pi model B USB Wifi dongle (something that works with Raspbian would be nice). I got this one ( from Adafruit. SD card (I’m using a 16GB card, but I think […]

  • ICAD Kinect Demos….

    On May 17, 2011 Ryersons’ Interactive Computing Applications and Design Group (ICAD) demonstrated their latest projects. The session starts with a demonstration of using Microsoft Kinect hardware to control a computer mouse. Next, the group shows the use of a gestural interface to control Google Earth, followed by a demo of using Kinect to control […]

  • Getting HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard to work with Nokia N800

    Okay this was relatively simple….. Make sure you can either ssh and become root and/or run xterm and become root on your N800. Ssh to the N800 and become root (either through sudo grainroot or something similar) Goto kbdd‘s website and download kbdd.tar.gz onto your N800. Extract it to root’s home directory using tar -zvlf […]