VMWare demos mobile virtual machine for N800

Disruptive Technology, iPhone, N800, n810, VMware
VMware demoed a Nokia N800 featuring its mobile hypervisor at its VMworld Europe conference, showing Windows CE and Google's Android running at the same time.In a keynote at VMworld Europe, chief technology officer (CTO) Stephen Herrod unveiled the firm’s mobile virutalisation platform, explaining that phones featuring hypervisors - the technology that allows virtualisation - will have two main functions.The first enables users to back up their system and data on a virtual machine, so if they get a new phone they can easily transfer contacts and other information regardless of the operating system. “What data is on a device will outlive the device,” he said.This will also make developing mobile applications much easier, as developers can embed it on a virtual machine with a thin operating system of its own,…
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Tablet Puppy….

Linux, N800, n810, Nokia, Opensource, robotics
For all the Nokia N800 fans out there......this is what happens if Nokia was sponsoring your High school :-). Seriously though, this is a fantastic example of what kids (and adults) can do using the opensource N800 platform for robotics control. Now who's gonna stick one of these things on a gas powered RC car.....Dibs on the Remote :-)
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News, News and more News

iPhone, N800, n810, Nokia
Well today's been full of good news for developers and users alike. Steve J. announced that the Ipod/Iphone SDK will be released in February 2008 and if that wasn't enough Nokia announced their next generation Internet Tablet....the N810. It's basically the N800 on steroids, a slider keyboard plus builtin GPS.....wohoo :-). From the Press Release....The Nokia N810 is powered by maemo Linux based OS2008, updatable also on the Nokia N800, the previous internet tablet generation hardware. The Nokia N810 features a highly customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features. The refreshed Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody highlight some most popular downloads available while Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and…
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Take that JesusPhone…..

Apple, iPhone, N800, Nokia, SDHC, Skype
Okay, so by now you all know that I kinda hate the iPhone. I think it's gonna be the big wake up call for Apple/Steve. We'll see, but in the meantime Nokia has beefed up the N800 with a simple software upgrade. New features include Skype (yehaaa), Flash 9 (wohoo) and SDHC support (upto 8GB), so run and grab it here. This means that you can grab two 8GB SDHC card and have a fully functional linux Computer w/ 16GB of Disk in your pocket. Get some skype-out minutes and you can leave your iPhone at home. All this and battery life improvement as well. My advice to Apple, stick to what you know, make better Computers/OS's and let the phone makers make the phones :-).
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Getting HP IPAQ Bluetooth Folding Keyboard to work with Nokia N800

Bluetooth, Foldable Keyboard, N800, Nokia
Okay this was relatively simple.....Make sure you can either ssh and become root and/or run xterm and become root on your N800.Ssh to the N800 and become root (either through sudo grainroot or something similar)Goto kbdd's website and download kbdd.tar.gz onto your N800.Extract it to root's home directory using tar -zvlf kbdd.tar.gz and cd to kbdd.Unfold the keyboard/insert battries/press the button on top right corner and make sure the LED beside it starts blinking.In Ssh client type hcitool scan to scan for bluetooth devices. If you have more than 1 device you might see multiple entries. Note the Bluetooth address in form of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx . You will need this in the next step.Use vi (in ssh session) to edit the file btkbd.conf and make it look as follows:BDADDR="xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"KBTYPE=btfoldablePORTNUM=2Where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is…
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Streaming Quicktime from Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Darwin Streaming Server, N800, Nokia, QTSS
Let me start by saying that I found the recipe for this on Josh Lifton's website. So most of the credit really goes to him. I've just simplified (and expanded) his method to cover generic quicktime streaming.So basically what we want to do is to connect the N800 to a network, setup a quicktime server (or darwin streaming server for people who don't have access to OSX server) and get the N800 to create a H.263 stream (audio and video) and send it to our server. Sounds easy right?Here are the bits you need:N800 Internet tabletMac (or PC) with Quicktime 7 (or higher) installedA server box running OSX server (can be the same machine as above) or a PC running Darwin Streaming server.Recipe for N800Assuming you have the N800 powered…
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