For all your USB needs……

Technology, USB
Cambrionix's 49-port USB 2.0 behemoth can take care of all your nerdly USB needs, be it a 49 stick Tera Raid Drive or a insane 49 bulb USB lamp :-). Unless you find the cost -- £399 / $657 (plus tax) -- or the fact that it requires an ATX-2 power supply to push 500mA across all 49-ports (24500 mA) a significant deterrents.
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Eject that USB key….by brute force.

USB, Windows
Yep, We've all been there. Some stupid program locks a file on your USB key and the eject process becomes useless. Next, you're sitting there going, "Hmmmm, should I just bite the bullet and remove the key manually". You could, but then you'll be tempting fate and you know what they say about that Murphy guy :-).Enter EjectUSB, THE FREE Util to let you find the culprit process (you know the one locking up your key) and kill it, hence freeing up your key to be properly ejected. Have Fun and be safe!!!
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Install Fedora Core 9.0 on a 1GB USB Stick

Fedora Core, Linux, USB
I wanted to install the AccessGrid 3.1 collaborative software under FC9.0 earlier on and discovered that the machine didn't have a CD or DVD. It did however have a newer mobo that allows for USB booting, so I searched around and found Fedora liveusb-creator. What a beauty, the fedora guys make it really simple to get Fedora live CD stuffed onto a USB stick. All you need is the software, a 1GB+ stick and a windows machine. Here is the process:Select either to Use existing Live CD or Download Fedora.Set the Target Device to point to your USB flash drive.Move the Persistent Overlay slider to set the capacity to use for the persistent image. I was able to manually push the slider by clicking on it and using the cursor…
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RevoLabs makes Microphones cool again….

Apple, Leopard, Macintosh, OSX, Reference, Research, Skype, Technology, USB, Windows
A friend passed this on today (thanks Jeremy). If you use a mic in your day to day businness (or even if you're an occasional ichat/skype user, you should check this out. RevoLabs have introduced a new line of Wireless microphones that come with RF-Armor. What does that mean, well the next time your GSM phone rings/sync/receives email, your microphone won't be going all crazy. Plus their Solo mics come in three different types:WearableTabletop BoundryXLR adapter for handheld micsAll their mics use a base station that hooks up to your PC or Mac via USB (no driver needed) and show up as a sound device. As a bonus the wearable one also has a audio out so you can wear it around your neck (on in your pocket) and hook…
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Storage in a flash…..

E-SATA, Firewire, Technology, USB
Well if you frequently need storage in a flash or don't want to spend the money on multiple HD enclosures, the HD Rack Super Combo might be the solution. HD Rack Super Combo provides you with just about every external connection you can think of (USB 2.0 mini, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 and E-Sata). On the disk side it accepts 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD's. This is perfect for people who just want to have a docking station and plugin bare drives in and out all the time.
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USB-to-Serial console for Mac (OSX)

Apple, CLI, Macintosh, OSX, Serial port, USB
Here are some notes for those of us working with Macs, who also have to deal with networking gear that usually have a serial console for local control. I recently purchased a IOGEAR USB 1.1 to Serial Converter Cable that uses the PL2303 chipset (pretty much any brand of these usb to serial converters use this chip). I was hoping that this dongle would allow me to access our network switches serial interface (which you kinda need when the switch has gone berserk). So after looking around the net I found that there is a opensource driver out there for it and that it performs better than the driver provided by Prolific (the company that manufactures the chip). So once everything was installed I hooked up the serial cable and realized that…
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