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  • Red Rocket plays back 4K Red codec files in realtime….

    RED has just announced a realtime 4k/5k debayer PCI-E card for your Mac or PC (OSX/Linux/Windows). You get 30fps at 4k and 25fps at 5k. RED Rocket board with Quad DVI and Dual Link HD-SDI- $4750 Decode and debayer 4K R3D files realtime. Hyper-accelerated transcode to any system codec. Specs to be posted upon completion […]

  • RED is at it again…..

    Does RED ever stop and think…..for that matter do RED users ever stop and think. I just came back from NAB in Las Vegas and as usual RED Camera had it’s stupid red tent there. I love how these guys make you feel like you’re an outsider, unless you’re allowed in their booth. They’ve got […]