Category: Parallels Desktop

  • Turn off Parallels Promo Ads….

    This has been driving me mad ever since I started using Parallels Desktop for Mac. The damn promo screen that keeps popping up to sell me some crapware. Well here is a quick defaults command to turn it off defaults write com.parallels.Parallels\ Desktop ProductPromo.ForcePromoOff -bool YES Done…..Enjoy :-)

  • Screen resolution fix for Ubuntu 10.10 running in Parallels Desktop 6.0

    If you try to install Ubuntu 10.10 under parallels desktop 6.0 on OSX — atleast as of the writing of this article — you’ll soon discover that although your entire installation is done in a high (eg: 1920×1080) resolution, as soon as the install is done and you reboot, your VM is stuck at 1024×768. […]

  • JumpBox: Super simple way of getting web services deployed.

    If you read our “Open Source Lovin’ for your Server” earlier this year and thought “that’s too much trouble”, here is an even easier way to sample preconfigured Open Source Application Servers at your own leasure. Be it for developement, fun, backup or even production, you can not beat JumpBox at simplicity. What they’ve done […]

  • Beauty and the Beast….

    Before I start this segment I just want to mention that you will need Parallel’s Desktop for Mac for this to work. A new feature in parallels which I just discovered is it’s ability to fuse the two OS’es (OSX and WinXP) together so that you can tell applications in one OS (ie: windows) to […]