Beauty and the Beast….

Before I start this segment I just want to mention that you will need Parallel’s Desktop for Mac for this to work. A new feature in parallels which I just discovered is it’s ability to fuse the two OS’es (OSX and WinXP) together so that you can tell applications in one OS (ie: windows) to open files in the other (ie:OSX).

For example let’s say you have a “Beauty and the Beast” setup on your laptop and you have parallels installed. Someone sends you an excel spreadsheet via email (assume you read your email on OSX). Further, assume you have installed office 2007 on your WinXP partition. Well now with Parallel’s Smart Select feature, you can save the file onto your desktop, right click on it and go to “open with” submenu, there you’ll notice Excel in the list and if you choose it, parallels will open the file in excel 2007 (under Windows).

The same idea works in reverse. If you’re in windows (under parallels) and right click on a icon you’ll see additional mac application volunteering to open the file for you in OSX. I’m relatively sure it works in both Coherence mode and non-Coherence mode, although I’ve only tried it in Coherence mode.

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  1. i just want to thank everyone for lobbying to shut down the very vulgar and anti-tech blog, Wildmans High:

    although they’re still up and running, the message we’ve sent has been stern and harsh. thanks everyone!

  2. well,apple Mac’s arent the best but they are good for colidge, or so I’ve herd…But yes they can be ruff around the edgess when it comes 2 downloading…

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