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  • iPhone keyboard done better on Nokia N800….

    Well they said it can’t be done. They said the secret of the apple sauce was only known to Steve. Looks like Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri has it figured out. 1340 lines of code and you’ve got the Apple’s Ubercool keyboard on the N800…..gotta love open platforms.

  • Get down and dirty with Gumstix Goliath…

    We’ve been covering quite a bit of Opensource/Linux/Hack-your-own GSM phones (some even with GPS), but here is the ultimate phone for the N.E.R.D’s out there….From the Press Release: “Portola Valley, Calif., July 10, 2007 – Gumstix, Inc, today announced its integrated, open source cellular communications platform: the GoliathTM line of expansion boards. The Goliath-vx board…

  • One for the Penguins….

    Right on the heels of our story on reconstructor, a tool that allows you to create custom Ubuntu distribution CD’s, here is APTonCD for Ubuntu. It’s basically a graphical tool that allows you to create a CD of all the applications you’ve installed on your Ubuntu system since you installed the system initially. This used…

  • So you like Ubuntu….

    Came across this the other day. Reconstructor is the new cool tool that allows you to grab you favourite ubuntu distro (desktop, alternate or server). Now you can have your Ubuntu and eat it too :-). It’s free and runs on linux (yeah there is a bit of a chicken and egg problem here). Well,…

  • Screencasts of Installing MythTV Via MythDora 4.0

    MythDora 4.0–Fedora Core 6.0 plus MythTV costumizations–is out. It is designed to format your hard drive and install everything needed for a fully functional MythTV System. has created a three-part screencast of the installation process covering MythDora installation, configuration, and MythTV setup.

  • HDHomeRun: Multicast

    Using hdhomerun_config command you issue the following (after tuning into the channel ofcourse): 1) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/target none2) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/channel qam:a) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/streaminfo3) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/program4) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/target MCast Address is in range of: –>

  • HDHomeRun: Monitoring Signal Strength from command line

    The Windows GUI version of hdhomerun_config will display the signal strength and signal quality updating every second. Under linux or osx you can use “watch” with hdhomerun_config:hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF get /tuner0/channel 8vsb:watch hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF get /tuner0/status (If you have more than one HDHomeRun then specify the device ID rather than FFFFFFFF)

  • HDHomeRun: Linux/OSX command line reference for hdhomerun_config

    You use hdhomerun_config to manually configure HDHomeRun to stream video to a PC running VLC… You will need: VLC – – 1) Discover HDHomeRun Run “hdhomerun_config discover” to find the HDHomeRun units on the local network. If you have more than one HDHomeRun on your network then replace the wildcard FFFFFFFF Device ID…