HDHomeRun: Multicast

Using hdhomerun_config command you issue the following (after tuning into the channel ofcourse):

1) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/target none
2) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/channel qam:
a) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/streaminfo
3) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/program
4) hdhomerun_config set /tuner0/target

MCast Address is in range of: –>

2 thoughts on “HDHomeRun: Multicast

  • Anonymous

    While that is the totality of multicast addresses, one should stick to 239.255.x.x. Using “the first address” ( is a Bad Idea(tm)

  • Matthew Kurowski

    IIRC, in addition to, should also be avoided… Atleast that had been from my experience with Cisco and Weblogic. Anon’s recommendation is the way to go though. 239.255.x.x is the private space for mcast.


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