One for the Penguins….

Right on the heels of our story on reconstructor, a tool that allows you to create custom Ubuntu distribution CD’s, here is APTonCD for Ubuntu. It’s basically a graphical tool that allows you to create a CD of all the applications you’ve installed on your Ubuntu system since you installed the system initially. This used to be a pain, if you had to take care of a lab of machines. The drill was: install the OS, add all the required software and then created a master image, followed by multiple image installs.

Well thanks to APTonCD you don’t have to do this anymore. You can install the base CD/DVD (or make your own using reconstructor), add all the extra software from the repositories and then run APTonCD. At which point you can instruct it to create a CD/DVD of all the extra packages you’ve installed. The application can also create a CD/DVD of all the software on a specific repository or download all official Ubuntu repositories onto removable media. Very handy if you’re doing a install without net connection.

One more thing you can do with this is to get all the Ubuntu official updates/patches/fixes on a CD/DVD, so that you download them only once (if you’re installing mutiple machines). As usual the install is a simple one-liner:

sudo apt-get install aptoncd


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