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  • NAB2014 Report

    DEKTEC: DekTec introduced the DTA-2180 low profile PCIe H.264 encoder. The DTA-2180 is a low latency — 150 to 600 ms — H.264 hardware encoder based on the Magnum chipset. It supports MPEG-2 and H.264 and up to 16 channels of audio. Audio can be encoded as AC-3, AAC or MPEG-1 Layer 2. The DTA-2180 offers a […]

  • Hauppauge Broadway: OTA ATSC streaming for iOS devices….

    Yep, just like the title says, hauppauge has announced the Broadway, a new “set-top” aimed at iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The hardware streams live OTA HDTV to an Apple handheld after first compressing the video using H.264. The resulting media can be delivered locally over Wi-Fi, or to a remote place using any […]

  • Elgato turbo.264 HD video encoding coprocessor review…….

    I just picked one of these babies up from the apple store and after testing it a bit for the past hour, I have one word for it: WOW. This little guy is no gimmick, it’s zippy as hell and it does exactly what they say it would. The details for the device are on […]

  • So you think you are getting an HD quality signal……

    Hehehe, yeah people used to make fun of me when I mentioned how much I hate Robbers (Rogers) and Compressview (Expressview) services in Canada and that I would refuse to pay for their so called HD premium service because I KNOW what kinda abuse the content goes through before it gets to my TV. I’ve […]

  • And now a bit of Engineering brought to you by the letter E

    As some of you might know I’ve been setting up my OTA (Over The Air) HDTV gear for the past couple of months and learning all about Antenna design, gain, amplification, directionality and such…..Lots of fun/confusing stuff. Well today I came across this article on that describes how a bunch of guys got together […]

  • CineForm Direct-to-Disk Recorder

    I have to admit CineForm is one of my favourite companies out there. I’ve visited them once and they are the nicest bunch of engineers you’ll find on that side of the rockies :-). Aside from their famed CineForm Codec (which btw is awesome), they have just released the specs and conceptual drawings for what […]

  • HDHomeRun: Links for OTA Channels and Rogers Digital Channels

    – OTA:– RDC: