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  • Zoho Writer makes web2.0 Word Processing a breeze…..

    …..Not only that — yes we know about google docs and all the other online word processors out there — it also allows you to go offline while editing your documents and sync when you get back online. All this is done through the magic of Google Gears browser plugin (Thanks G). So throw away […]

  • Google gears app No. 2 is out

    In and of itself this might not be big news, but I think it is the trickle that will eventually turn into a flood, so put on your life jackets…..I warned you. As a follow up on my earlier story on how google will use gears to move in on Microsoft’s domination of the desktop, […]

  • Bill, google is coming to getcha…

    Well, here is my prediction after digesting most of the content that came out of G-Day. Google Gears will soon make MS Office (and for that matter most “installed” applications) obsolete. Google’s Gears homepage explains that Gears is … Google in a press release states that Gears “marks an important step in the evolution of […]